About Us

GÖZDE UN TRADE LIMITED COMPANY started serving as the first flour factory of Turgutlu in 1991 with 120 ton wheat crushing capacity per day. Increasing its capacity with new investments. Continuing its journey with its desire to do better without losing its enthusiasm for being first, GÖZDE UN TRADE LIMITED COMPANY has been renewed without ignoring the necessities of national standards and expectations of its customers.

By regularly investing in wheat and flour every year, the Company is expanding the storage area of wheat and flour in order to catch up with today's standards in a number of innovations in production technology and to become a leader in the sector., Quality in flour while continuing its journey with the motto of stability, Gözde Un, which offers new tastes to its customers with its brands "NİF UN", "EGE ZEYBEK", "BUĞDAYCAN", "GÖZDE UN YEŞİL", provides a total of 16.696 square meter (that includes 3100 square meter in closed area) of quality control methods and ARGE continues to offer new products to customers with their work It has expanded its range of products with traditional stone milled whole wheat, corn, rye and barley flours, bread ready flour mixtures and concentrated flour mixtures. By establishing a new production line for full flour production, traditional stone mill flavor is produced in hygienic conditions and healthy, nutritious, high floury products are presented.

In line with technological developments, in order to provide customers with quality products and safe products, our brand continues to grow day by day with the support of its customers, producing the best without compromising business ethics by working in harmony with suppliers, suppliers and customers in accordance with the related laws and regulations.


Our aim is to be the leader in the sector with our products and services, and to deliver our quality and reliable products to our customers in the most sustainable conditions.


In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, in order to meet customer expectations, to offer products in sought quality and reliability, in the light of technological developments, producers aim to produce the best without compromising business ethics in harmony with the supplier.